Removable retainers​

Clear retainers ensure your teeth stay straight forever!

Wear routine​

Removable retainers should initially be worn as instructed by the orthodontist.

How often you wear your retainers will be discussed when the retainers are given to you. For most people it is every night for 6 months, then alternative nights for 6 months.

After the supervised retainer period is twelve months retainers can usually be worn 1-2 nights per week for life.

There is never a time to stop wearing your retainer, rather time of wear decreases but never stops.

Insert and remove the removable retainer as instructed. Always use two hands to do this or you can break your retainer. When the retainers are not in your mouth they should be kept safe in a brace box to avoid damage.


The retainers are cleaned with a nail brush or toothbrush and soap and cold water.

The retainers can be freshened by using a cleaning tablet for 20 minutes twice a week such as “Retainer Brite”.