Invisalign / aligner instructions ​

With Invisalign / aligner you can eat, drink and exercise as you normally do

First few days​

Your aligners may feel tight for the first few days, this is normal and settles down within 2-3 days. Pain relief isn’t usually required, however if you notice teeth are more tender than paracetamol or ibuprofen are appropriate.

As with any new appliance aligners can cause speech to be affected for the first few days, it is usually a mild lisp. With the thickness of the aligner being less than 1mm, the effects are short lived, and you will sound like you within a few days.

Wear requirements ​

Invisalign / aligners work by pushing the teeth gently, in order to move teeth Invisalign / aligner needs to be worn full time, otherwise teeth will not move.

Some people have tried to wear Invisalign / aligners just and night time and unfortunately what moved in the night moves back in the day! In order to get the result please do ensure you wear Invisalign / aligners full time.

Eating and drinking ​

The best bit about aligners, after the way they look, is that they are taken out when eating and drinking (except water).

When initially fitted your teeth maybe tender for a few days. Mild painkillers such as paracetamol or Ibuprofen can be used.

Please do not try to eat or drink (except water) with the aligners in, it can cause damage to your teeth or aligner.

Cleaning aligners


The best way to clean your aligners is by brushing and rinsing them in cold water with soap, cleaning crystals or cleaning tablets can also be used every few days. Do not use toothpaste or hot water.

It’s important that you brush at least twice a day. If there is residual food present when you insert the aligner it can stain the aligner, please ensure all residual food is removed, ideally by brushing after each meal.

Please ensure brushing is kept to the highest standard during your Invisalign / aligner treatment.


It is important to floss at least once a day whilst having Invisalign / aligner treatment. It ensures good hygiene and can help with tooth movement in the aligner.


Use a fluoride mouthwash twice a day.

Lost or broken aligner

If you lose or break an Invisalign aligner, immediately let the practice know. We will assess and advise on the appropriate step based on your stage of treatment. It may involve ordering a new aligner, moving to the next aligner or going back to the previous aligner.

It is important to always keep your previous aligner, in case we need to use it.